Working Minds

Developed by the Carson J Spencer Foundation, the Working Minds: Suicide Prevention in the Workplace program toolkit features a facilitator’s guide and 30-minute training DVD designed to help workplace administrators and employees better understand and prevent suicide. The off-the-shelf program helps workplaces appreciate the critical need for suicide prevention while creating a forum for dialogue and critical thinking about workplace mental health challenges. The program builds a business case for suicide prevention while promoting help-seeking and help-giving. Several interactive exercises and case studies help employers and their staff apply and customize the content to their specific work culture. The program provides three options depending on resources and training needs: a 1-hour “lunchtime” presentation, a 1.5-hour inservice workshop, and a 3.5-hour intensive training.

Program content is divided into four chapters:
• Suicide Prevention in the Workplace
• What to Do When Someone is Suicidal
• An Introduction to Question Persuade Refer (QPR Gatekeeper Training)
• Suicide Postvention
Working Minds was developed to address a gap in suicide prevention programming for those of working age. The toolkit was built on best practices and the insights of mental health service providers, human resource professionals, and top suicide prevention experts from across the country.

At the end of training, WorkingMinds participants will have:
1. Increased awareness of suicide prevention.
2. Increased capacity for dialogue and critical thinking about workplace mental health challenges.
3. Increased ability to promote help-seeking and help-giving in the workplace.

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